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Jade Starr

Jade Starr

Jade StarrJade StarrJade Starr



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Who is Jade Starr

Jade Starr Manifesto Photo

Experience the authentic unclassifiable frequencies exploding from within Australian Gender Optimized disruptor Jade Starr.

Audio terrorism created with the intent to vibrate, connect and resonate with humanity as one Species. Rejecting the soulless and vapid reality driven tones that beat to the drum of lies and divide.

Musical Projects

Jade Starr Noize Projects Photo

Dark yet empowering eclectic frequencies infused with strong melodic vocal acrobatics and story driven dialogue to question and inspire. 

Experimental shades of Metal seamlessly bleed into comedic uncharted soul connecting music delivered by Jade Starr and her many unique musical projects.

⭐️Purchase Music⭐️

Jade Starr Music Store Photo

Access all of Jade’s music available online in one simple streamlined place. All of the releases here give you the flexibility and freedom to choose your method of delivery. 

Be it streaming, music lockers or downloading direct to PC or mobile device. We have even offered sharing and embedding options if you would like to spread the word.

⭐️Visual Experiences⭐️

Jade Starr Visual Experiences Photo

Witness the Digital Audio Visual Manifestations Created by Jade Starr using only iOS Devices as her Universal Glass Palette. 

The Brutally Honest Short Film Series “What Happened To Us?” is 4 unique stories Confronting Mental Illness, Social Isolation, Suicide & Truth. Dark Raw Storytelling & Emotionally Challenging Performances Oozing Authenticity.

Other Visuals include Music Video’s. Gladys Worthington’s Comedy Series, The Totally Truthful News Service & The Dark Exposé Series “You Are What You HATE!”

The Devil Wears Heels Blog

Jade Starr Blog Table Photo

A Collection of Bullshit Rejecting, Honest, Salty Dark Humoured Ramblings, Ideas & Questions from a 40 Something Gender Optimized Disruptive Human Creative Type named Jade.

Narrative Challenging & seeking Answers within to Better Connect, Pay Attention, Listen, Engage, Accept and Learn from shared experiences & the Imperfectly Perfect Mistakes necessary to Evolve Beyond Systemic Idiocracy.

Correct the Blueprint. Fight to Unite. Do What’s Right! Be the Truth & Change YOU want to See. Do What Makes You Happy!

The iOS Creative Studio

iOS IPad Auria Pro Recording Studio Photo.

In 2012 Jade’s love of iOS Devices inspired her to Challenge the entire Music Recording Process. She Learned Multiple Instruments to Write, Perform & Record an Album using iOS Devices as a Mobile Studio.

Rejecting the Bullshit Notion that the Devices in our pockets are for Selfies, FB Dinner Snaps & Consuming Media. Non Conformist was Born. 

After 6 Years of Extreme Emotional Hell riding a Roller Coaster of Life & Death Health Battles. Jade has Manifested an Incredible Exhibit of Word & Music that WILL Seek & Be Found to Heal, Impact, Evolve & CHANGE EVERYTHING!

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Other News & Things...


FMC sadomasadistikwankorevenmorethanbefore Album Cover

Leperleptic spun on Apple Radio. We have NEW Album track titles, artwork, an EP from the dead & also meet the new drummer.


U-10 Cells Film In Production

U-10 Cells The Answer is FOR T-2 Trilogy Album Promo Photo

U-10 Cells was also spun on Apple Radio 1 last week. Totally Amazed by the response. Thank You! The film script is now complete & very cool!

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⭐️Please Mind Your MANNERS!!!⭐️

Manners Album Cover

RidiculocitY Records have signed a NEW project called Manners. Click the link to read an exclusive interview with the creator Ms Fancy Pants.

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Long lost FMC EP found in dead Producers Grave

It doesn’t get anymore Death Metal than FMC’s New EP out Early November 2018. Missing since 2003 & literally found recently in a GRAVE!

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Knitting In The Name Of...

Knitting Stock Photo

Gladys Worthington is currently in the Recording Studio Knitting her Debut Album Due early 2019. Check out the New Demo & “I Will Survive”.

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Dick Tucker GOT DICK Promo Photo

Dick Tucker is a Smooth Mother Fucker! Smooth Talkin’, Travolta Walkin’ with a voice that will leave a puddle. Have you got Dick?

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Jade Starr

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia