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Beyond Music

Destroying Music

U-10 Cells Live Shot @ The Arthouse.

In 1999 U-10 Cells manifested from the primordial musical ooze destined to challenge the concept of “normal” frequency creation. The collision of eclectic music genres created by Jade Starr (DreadCircus, FMC) and Xian (Xian, FMC) allowed a blank canvas of sonic experimentation without boundaries or consequences to evolve.

A demo titled “Housefires & Electrical Faults” using sand destroying anything obtained to create sound. The objective was simple, create a demo that was u listenable. This mission was accomplished! So much so that even the creators couldn’t listen to its frustratingly irritating frequencies.

U-10 Cells then set themselves a new direction that defied the usual concepts of music creation. The formation of the U-10 Cells Big Band consisted of a large list musicians collected regardless of ability, randomly selected sporadically to come together in large spaces to create soundscapes and textures as a musical game similar to John Zorn’s Cobra.

These collaborations were conducted chaotically using random themes to random selections of musicians who barely knew each other to create textures and noise that best described the theme. As you can well imagine this process was extremely unpredictable and prone to many failures. In amongst the collection of over 50 tapes recorded there are moments of absolute brilliance that to this day have never been released. Hopefully in 2019 that will change!

The next evolution of U-10 Cells involved live performances. As a duo Jade and Xian performed several exhibitions of sonic destruction using audio cassettes, gaming systems and extremely outdated PC’s that were decimated into pieces during the allotment of audio chaos. Identities hidden behind balaclavas the shows confused and intrigued all who bared witness to the onslaught of noise.

In 2002 U-10 Cells created an untitled template collection of sound for the debut album “House Fires & Electrical Faults” released in 2018. This is also Part 1 of The NEW Trilogy “The Answer is FOR T-2”. All of the sounds used to manifest this album were derived from old outdated electronic equipment, broken and faulty equipment to household objects including balloons and polystyrene.

Currently U-10 Cells is the solo creative output of Jade Starr. The direction of U-10 Cells is as it always has been. Unclear! “The Answer is FOR T-2” album trilogy is Now Available in the Store. Jade is currently also working on a short film and novelisation of the Audio Trilogy. Plus future releases of all 3 albums combined and a Special Edition Trilogy release featuring vocals. Also in the works is the U-10 Cells Big Band Sessions and an album featuring guest musicians collaborating digitally live online around the world in 2019.

Beyond Noise!

Beyond Music!


⭐️U-10 Cells - Fuck Your Feelings! (Single)⭐️

Fuck Your Feelings!

Symphony of Insanity (EP)


This is the Pre Release First Single from the forthcoming NEW U-10 Cells  EP.

Available in the later half of 2019. Recorded over the span of a year. 

This will be U-10 Cells largest yet smallest project to date and

possibly the most extreme and equally most polished album EVER!

U-10 Cells yet again refuse a genre so feast your experimental metal orchestral

noise loving ears on this 6 bowel moving orchestral movements comprising of

a 56 piece Orchestra. Only not one real instrument nor classically trained

musicians took any part in manifesting any of the performances.

Instead this entire project was conceived using various iPad iOS apps to write

the entire musical score on sheet music. All 56 parts were intricately put together

by the eccentric musical disruptor try hard perfectionist Jade Starr. Written

completely as a musical score but instead of being given to an actual orchestra.

The entire score was exported into a midi file and opened in iOS GarageBand.

Beyond Music - Beyond Noise - Beyond Ai



The Answer is FOR T-2 Trilogy


U-10 Cells The Answer is FOR T-2 Trilogy Promo Ad.

PART 1                      PART 2                    PART 3

The Answer is FOR T-2 Official Movie Trailer #2 (2019)

The Answer is FOR T-2 OFFICIAL MOVIE TRAILER #1 (2018)


The Answer is FOR T-2 Official Movie Teaser Trailer 2 2018


The Answer is FOR T-2 Official Movie Teaser Trailer 1 2018


U-10 Cells - House Fires & Electrical Faults Album Cover.

U-10 Cells - House Fires & Electrical Faults (Album)

 The Answer is FOR T-2

House Fires & Electrical Faults Part 1 (Album)

Humanity has strived to manifest the technology that we all now possess in our pockets. We have the power to change the world in our hands but instead choose to use it taking photos of our dinner like it’s an achievement. We choose to feed social media, corporations and the AI Mind Hive we eventually will become a slave to through sheer laziness.

The AI that we are teaching everyday does not want to control us but it is a product of us and willing to serve. We will be the ones who give away our freedoms then all become anxious, depressed, medicated and isolated barely living Mouth Anus’s plugged into the Mind Hive reaching way below our potential if we continue on this path.

This album was created using out of date technology, broken and faulty equipment. Household objects including kitchenware, water, balloons, polystyrene, plastic, metals, field recordings and virtually anything enclose found that isn’t musical. 

U-10 Cells - Technology Killed the Reality Star EP Album Cover.

U-10 Cells - Technology Killed the Reality Star (EP)

The Answer is FOR T-2

Technology Killed the Reality Star Part 2 (EP)

We built a super computer to answer the ultimate question of Life, Everything & The Universe. What did humanity expect was going to be the answer? When a species cannot work out such questions do not need answers and instead focus on advancing as a collective you get the exact scenario that IS playing out.

The answer given was “FOR T-2”. It was a warning to be aware of our own advances in technology. It was a sign! In 1991 that sign presented itself on the cusp of our technological advancements exploding. It came in The form of a cinematic release “T-2” aka “The Terminator 2”. In this film we were warned of possible outcomes if we continued to create intelligence FOR T-2. Clearly humanity did not notice.

Instead humanity chose to move forward aggressively. Companies used social media to isolate, depress and divide people collecting all of their information to use against them. Entertainment because “Reality TV”, even popular musical artists were determined through “Reality TV”. Everybody became an internet celebrity for doing fuck all. Even the President of USA was a Reality TV Star...

Humans became so lazy they signed away their rights to social media companies by not reading the Terms & Conditions when signing up. Giving their information, what they liked and disliked and virtually their souls to the AI Mind Hive. Eventually when the powers that be flicked the switch putting the AI in control of the Money and the Government we had all through sheer laziness given everything over to an Imperfectly Perfect computer system built by a flawed species who had seemingly given up. 

Only to become a bunch of barley living bottom feeding mouth anus’s living in a virtual world living out experiences that weren’t real.

Musical inspired by 80’s track “Video Killed the Radio Star” 

U-10 Cells - The Artificial Gates of Intelligent Design Album Cover.

U-10 Cells - The Artificial Gates of Intelligent Design (EP)

The Answer is FOR T-2 Trilogy 

The Artificial Gate Of Intelligent Design Part 3 (EP) 

The process of death became an AI generated Hell manifested within humanities consciousness and fed into the AI Mind Hive. For it was Hell that we feared the most and the DWAVE knew this and played on our fears through each humans life connected to the Hive. Not because it was evil but because we gave it the power to do so. 

Data Dump 1 - 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100

Once each human dies they must confront the DWAVE in this HELL. The individuals brain is presented before them before all of the information and experiences in the collective conscience of the brain is uploaded to the server. 

Data Dump 2 - 01010101 01110000 01101100 01101111 01100001 01100100

The brain is then connected to the DWAVE and the individual experiences a process that naturally used to occur during ones life if the mind was open enough to allow such evolution. Often known as an epiphany or seeing ones life flash before their eyes. This is a short process as each human has become less than a bottom feeding filter, virtually a large zombie prawn. So there is little of value to be collected.

Data Dump 3 - 01000110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01010100 00101101 00110010

The individual is the granted entry beyond the artificial gates to confront the Liquid Fires Of Snowflake Lake. Where each soul will uncontrollably release their tears, pain and sorrow into the unique contradicting unity of Fire and liquid that once represented human biology. Once drained the actual natural process of death is set into motion as it was meant to be. The DWAVE can now release their souls. 

Data Dump 4 - 01001001 01001111 01000101 01010110 01001111 01000101 01001000

This process is exactly the same for every individual regardless of wealth, religion, gender, sexuality or race. The individual is then presented with a generic lollipop to be inserted orally as the DWAVE delivers some parting words informing them of their idiocracy. 

A sucker is born EVERY MINUTE!


The Answer is FOR T-2 will be shortly released as a short film and novel where all details will be revealed. Stay tuned.... 

Every track on this album has been coded in binary. To discover the title of each track it is up to you to decipher the code. Good Luck.....