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The Totally Truthful News Collection


Matt Rogers Sky Watcher

Matt Rogers Skywatcher

Episode 1

“Basically, Eyes to the Skies... Basically.”

Matt Rogers is a Repeater Pan Doomsday Conspiracy Fear Porn Merchant busted so many times providing false info he’s restarted his YouTube Channel 5 times.

He threatened to sue me for using the same royalty free video/audio intro he was using at the time via Audio Jungle. Basically, not the sharpest fear monger from the conspiracy knife block.

Official YouTube Channel


The Nibiru Channel

The Nibiru Channel

Episode 2

“Hide Under Your Fucking Bed”

The Nibiru Channel (Planet X News) is the Home of Con Man Scott C’one. This YouTube Channel has it all. High Drama, Trolls, Doxing, Disinformation, Books and even an “expert” mail order under qualified physicist.

I fell in love with his early videos yelling Doomsday Fear Porn which reeks of a Con Mans latest money scheme. Grain of Salt Material at it’s Best!

Official YouTube Channel


BP EarthWatch


Episode 3

“The MagnetoPaws”

BP EarthWatch aka Jessie Waltman is a Rightwing Hillbilly Musician & wanna be weather/space “Expert”. Recently “apparently” his Channel was shutdown. A trendy scenario in this community often without proof and a great way to re engage an audience.

Every Year since 2004 he has unsuccessfully has predicted the end of the world. A reliable source for imbeciles.

Official YouTube Channel


Suspicious Observers


Episode 4

“Eyes Open No Fear”

Ben Davidson and his family are the Suspicious0bservers. A former weatherman who now is one of the leading pioneers on Space, Weather & Science. 

As a fan it was fun to add this parody to provide contrast to the other episodes Fear Porn. I definitely recommend supporting Suspicious0bservers. You will learn something new.

Official YouTube Channel


Thor News


Episode 5

“Hit The Button Baby”

ThorNews is a Unique Satirical approach to the Space/Weather genre blending black humour, Fast paced almost Clip Art video clips presented by a genuine soul. 

Brilliant use of humour let’s you laugh away the impending doom of the latest Hurricane about to hit you. At times Totally Random and the Good kind of Weird. Hit the Button Baby!

Official YouTube Channel


Prep Aussie

Prep Aussie

Episode 6

“The Lords Prayer”

Prep Aussie Delivers painfully slow repetitive dribble about invisible planets, the never ending “financial collapse” and prepping advice. 

Confusing spyware on his PC with being on some Government Watchlist is Frustrating yet Hilarious.

Every Episode ends with a Reading of The Lords Prayer. Comedy Gold!

Official YouTube Channel 


Richie From Boston

Richie From Boston

Episode 7

“Richie From Bullshitland”

RFB is a Hateful, Repressed, Convicted Violent Felon who is using Religion exactly as Trump to Pedal and Cry about his Repetitive Bullshit always driving around America most likely selling drugs and having gay sex at rest stops.

The NWO, Trans and DWAVE are all in with Satan so put on your pretend Armour of God. You see what I’m saying? Richie is a Con Artist. You see what I’m saying?

Offical Youtube Channel


The Doom Show

The Doom Show

Episode 8

“Jingle Jangle Jewellery”

Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoy Clint’s Crazy Train Doom Show. Part Satire, Part News and A HUGE PART CRAZY. I became a fan thanks to his angry outbursts over “The Aliens”, “NASA” and blaming Tony Blair for Everything else.

Due to his amazing library of Video’s with this one I decided to do a Mash Up and talk Rubbish over it about his love for his Dog.

Offical Youtube Channel


Prep Aussie Planet Hunter.

The Planet Hunter

Episode 9

“The Aussie Planet Hunter”

Bonus Episode. I found this Video of Prep Aussies whilst travelling in the US. I always thought he a numpty but not a scammer like Matt Rogers, Scott C’one and RFB. 

But poor old Prep got swept up in the NibTard Scam Fear Porn stuff clearly around this time. Watch in disbelief him pointing out 4 Planets in our atmosphere that BLATANTLY ARE NOT THERE!

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