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The Rise & Fall of Filthy Maggoty Cunt


FMC Public Toilet Promo Shot.

Formed in 1999 by Gender Optimized Rocker Jade Starr aka Sistah Fister who recorded the debut FMC CD Sadomasadistikwankore using a Sony Playstation as back up drummer. The CD Featured 9 Tracks of pure unadulterated toilet humor combined with Thrashy metal riffs and Gutteral Vocals. The CD attracted many fans for some reason so Fister began to recruit a Full Band to play live shows.


Sistah Fister - Vocals / Guitar 

Cock Smoking Crack Whore - Bass / Vocals 

Chainsaw Charlie - Guitarz / Chainsaw

DJ Uncle Brian - Drums / PS1

TurdCutter - Reserve Guitarz / Scat fiend


Ampy. Shrike, DJ Werkman, Mangina, AirHead also made appearances live.


With the basic line up in order FMC began to terrorize the Melbourne Metal Scene. Early Shows were a shambles, Band members fighting on stage, the playstation blew up and even their own Sound Engineer hurled insults at the band. 


FMC did themed shows, DragShows, Hip Hop shows with DJ's, Boy Band Tributes, Dinner Party Shows, Progressive Metal Tribute Nights and Tributes to Jesus Shows (Easter). FMC Featured Stand Up Comedians, Amputees, DJ's, Scat Artists, Unplugged Shows,Raided Road Runner Records Office They Trashed many venues and many peoples eardrums over the 4 years of Mayhem Till 2003 when on tour it was rumored that their Tour bus drive off a cliff on The Pacific HWY.

The FMC line Up

Sistah Fistah

FMC Vocalist Siatah Fistah

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Gender Bending

Cock Smokin Crack Whore

FMC Bass Player Cock Smoking Crack Whore.

Bass, Vocals, Gay Timez

Chainsaw Charlie

FMC guitarist Chainsaw Charlie.

Guitar, Chainsaw, Vocals, Sex Robot Enthusiast

DJ Uncle B

FMC Drummer DJ Uncle Brian.

PlayStation, Casio Calculator Watch, Drums



Exotic Dancer, Able Illusionist


The FMC Bunch Promo

Turdcutter, Mangina, AirHead, Shrike, Werkman, The Melty Creature Dance Troupe, Ricky Miskogi and some other dumb cunts.

Filthy Maggoty Cunt Reborn 2020

COMEDY • GRIND • ART 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

FMC Band Promo Photo 2007


Latest Bullshit

FMC New Album

FMC Sadomasodisticwankorevenmorethanbefore Promo

The Forthcoming New FMC Album is not for Snowflake soft cunts. So Fuck Off to your SafeSpace or we’ll send Ampy around to Fuck You Up!

Available whenever We Fucking Feel like IT!

FMC Music Video’s

FMC The Story of the Sadistik Seagull Fucker Video Clip Banner.

Check out the Super Low Budget Anal Crud Music Video’s some Gay dude made with his Nokia Flip. The song about fucking hot birds is Dead Sexy! The studs in the video clip scored so many birds they were all over his sack!

The Anal Cave Tour 2002

FMC Smash Hits Band Promo

The Adelaide Anal Cave Tour was one I really hoped to forget. Our Tour Bus was Graffiti’d, I got punched on stage and Uncle B tried to sell his spleen for some speed. We found the Original Disturbing Tour Diary and will post it SOON!

Banned Original Artwork

Original FMC Banned Album Cover.

Click the album cover for a Below Average Res image of the Original “Sadomasadistikwankore” CD before it was banned by some dumb cunts. 

Are you Brootal enough for the Dead Fat Cunt Anniversary Artwork?

FMC EP Found in a Grave!

FMC EP found in ex producers grave.

In 2001 we recorded an EP with this fancy pants Producer named DJ BoofMaster. It sucked dogs balls. He was offended & split with the recording. He died recently so we dug him up for fun and found our EP. We will release it soon.

Celebrity Squeegee Show

DJ Uncle Brian with Tony Barber and Michael Jackson.

DJ Uncle Brian will Be screening his favourite photos with the vast array of celebrities he has met, fucked or ripped off during his time hanging around with FMC. Sponsored by his New Range Of Squeegee’s. COMING SOON!I

FMC - Sadmasadistikwankorevenmorethanbefore


FMC New Sadomasodistikwankorevenmorethanbefore Album Cover.

FMC - Filthy Maggoty Cunt


Much more than a mere reboot of the original album. We have replaced the old Sony PlayStation drum program of yesteryear with the latest model Casio Calculator Watch Keyboard / Drum machine combo kit. So the drums are going to be better than The Berzerker with a mask full of piss. Roughly 20 new tracks along with the original 9 tracks from the debut album will be fully sick mate.

Song titles so far....

  • Don’t Drop the Footy In the Shower.... 
  • Everybody knows that Priests Fuck Kids...
  • I’m on the Hunt for a Fat Cunt
  • Casual Concrete Enema (Just for fun)
  • Drooling over my Naked 9 year old sister.
  • Sitting in the Garden stabbing kitten in the forehead.
  • Cock Fed Nun
  • Everybody Loved Raymond before I brutally murdered him.
  • Surprise Snuff Film for Birthday Fun
  • Surprise Barbwire proctology Appointment (because you’re gay)
  • Surprise Sex Change Holiday Snaps
  • Ass Maggots 
  • WWCSC - Weekend Wookie Crossdressing Skinning Club
  • Weekend at Bernie’s 2 (ft. Jesus Christ) Second Cumming Electric boogaloo
  • Milo Yiannopolis smells like paedophiles ball sacks and guilt
  • Trumps son is a retard a because Ivanka is Jim mom/sister
  • INTER-Horse
  • Jimmy Savilles Presents Children’s Dead Time Stories
  • Cosby, Saville and Harris - The Travelling raparapist

FMC Sadomasadistikwankore Album Cover.

FMC - Sadomasadistikwankore (Album)

The Original Debut Album that made FMC house hold name on everybody’s lips in crack dens Worldwide for the last 20 years is Back & ReMastermated. Memorable classics like “The Elderly Hurt Crew” and “The Tunnel Of Blood” for the survivors of the #metoo movement will delight. 

Songs for all of the family like “Pure Anal”, “I’d like to work with Sanitary Dispensers” and every child’s favourite bedtime nursery rhyme “The Urinal of Punishment”. Digitally put through multiple Compression Thingies to bring out previously inaudible tones that should have stayed unheard.

Better than Bill Cosby’s Special Sauce for insomniacs. Loaded with extra brown noise colon collapsing frequencies makes this ReMasterbated Edition worth your loose change. 

So Don’t Delay... Digitally Purchase or Rent this timeless classic so we can reach the 350,000 spins necessary to make $400. C’mon don’t be a Cunt!

FMC Human Centipede Conga Line Alternative Single Album Cover.

FMC - Human Centipede Conga Line (Single)

FMC’s New Single The Human Centipede Conga Line, serves up a delicious distorted Groove Train Of CongaGrindCore that would even get a limbless amputee shaking it’s Groove Thang. 

Who knew Experimental Surgical Procedures on Humans could be this fun? Thanks to the magic of The Conga and the Surprise of Extreme Torture.

So get Ass to Mouth, Ass to Mouth & Ass to Mouth down and boogie All Night Long to the Cha Cha Cha Of the Human Centipede Conga Line. Then Masturbate and Groan away the New Day to the smell of Faeces & Death

Available Now!

FMC Surprise Chef Alternative Single Album Cover.

Surprise Chef • Cooking With Cum (Single)

Surprise Chef (Cooking With Cum) is the 2nd Single from the forthcoming New FMC Album. The Prefect Night Out for the Homophobe in everyone’s family is Dinner at Surprise Chef. 

The victim will be served a three course meal created using the freshest ingredients. Lovingly curated and presented with the expertise & class of a VERY Fancy Restaurant. But the Secret is in The Sauce.

Surprise Chef makes it his duty to engage with the patrons after their fine dining experience to Reveal his Secret Sauce is made entirely from the scrapings of semen collected from discarded condoms that fill the garbage bags of seedy brothels and crack dens.

As Surprise Chef likes to say “Oh I forgot to tell you I’m cooking with CUM!”

The Story of the Sadistik Seagull Fucker - FMC

The Story of the Sadistik Seagull Fucker was created using a Nokia Flip Phone. Then edited using a High Quality “Breville” Beta-Max Video Recorder. 

The “Actors” requested to remain anonymous & received no payment for their performances as Sexual Perverts Haunting Local Parks and Beaches seeking the Company of Seagulls. Absolute Professionals who just REALLY LOVE BIRDS.

I look forward to them Housesitting my large Aviary over the coming Holiday Season.

Slug Lips & Pearls - FMC

Sluglips & Pearls was recorded in 2017. The music was written by Sistah Fistah and then we handed the music and a video camera to the Inmates of a Mental Asylum for a week. So we basically just added the ridiculocity lunacy that was captured and added a pitch shifter to make it Mental Brootal!

We have no idea what the song is about. As far as I can tell it’s the story of some weirdo who’s obsessed with pearls, a guy who looks like a bulldog and some freak named Slug Lip.

How to Kill Goat Fuckers - FMC

So this song is about a joke I always tell at parties, work conferences and funerals. It may not have always got the laughs it deserves. But it always get you thinking on a deeper level also. So ...

Anyway.. Why do goats have horns?? For something to hang on to in the barn late at night whilst everyone was asleep... hahahahaha it’s so funny cause we’ve all been there. Anyhow that’s how I wrote this song. I love happy endings.