July 30th 2016

August 14th 2016
Club Underground, Minneapolis, USA

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I'm also raising funds to stay afloat here in the US as my medical benefits have been cut off back home. If you are able to contribute to help me stay alive and keep my website running it would be most appreciated. click the link below to contribute.

Jade starr live in usa

Jade starr live in usa

April 8th 2016

DreadCircus - Non Conformist
Available SOON!

In June 2015 I fell ill with a blood disorder called ITP. I was unable to clot blood and placed in hospital to determine the cause. Eventually it was determined I had to have my spleen removed so the platelets in my blood would recover. The surgery was a success but unfortunately my immune system has not recovered as planned. I am currently facing a terminal illness and it is unlikely I will survive 2016.

So I have been furiously working away on finishing this album as my last recording. It's far from perfect but it represents what it needs to at the time I wrote songs. It's definitely a darker album and much more styled to the music I listen to opposed to the last album. I have also shot a bunch of music video clips to coincide with the albums release. Remember everything to do with this album was created using an iPhone 6s and an iPad mini 3. All the artwork, music videos, recordings, lyrics were created using this modern form of technology as an experiment. As I have been quite sick I haven't had the luxuries of using a studio to complete this ambitious project that has taken up 4 years of my life.

One of the tracks that mad it onto the album called "It's Over" was a collaboration between myself and Luis Rojas from Shanghai and Mechanical Black @ Wellfed Studio. It's absolutely amazing. I was stoked to be asked to be a part of the writing and recording of the song for a short zombie movie called "Terror By Night" by Sydney director Luke Sheehan of Compound Fiasco Productions. The song turned out so great and I'm very lucky to be able to release it on my album.

Jade Starr & Luis Rojas recording "it's over"

Jade Starr & Luis Rojas recording "it's over"

You can check out the NEW Music Video clips for "It's Over" and "Pumping Blood" on the video page HERE.

Also I have been directing some short films on Depression, anxiety, social isolation, bullying and suicide. This can be found in my Video section by clicking HERE along with all of the new music videos from the new album. Well enjoy the new content. I'll be back next week to upload the final mix of the album and release all of the video clips.

March 26th 2015

The CD is very close to being finished now. All of the tracks have been finalized and are currently being tweaked and then mastered. It looks like there will be an 8 track EP released first. Then followed by an acoustic album. The songs are very diverse and unique and sounding killer. Due to circumstances in my life from last year there has been major delays and hopefully all will be completed in the coming months. Sorry for the long wait but it will be worth it.

Also my previous albums "Word & Music" and "DC" are no longer available via iTunes due to me remastering them. They should be back available  very soon. 

April 13 2014

Well I've been working quite hard on the new CD and its getting close to being released soon. Yes I know it's been a long time coming but I can promise you it's going to be worth the wait. So far the CD is looking like it will be an EP of sorts. I've decided to keep it at 8 tracks as the songs represent a certain angry period in my life and that page is about to finally turn. The past few years have been a massive roller coaster and this album will reflect that ride. The album also has a title finally. It is called "Non Conformist". 

If you would like to listen to some of the demo tracks click below or head over to my Soundcloud page.