Past music available now on the site!

FMC - Sadomasadistikwankore1.jpg

That's right folks I've just added links to some of my previous bands albums on the merchandise page. FMC - Filthy Maggoty Cunt was my ridiculous comedy grindcore band that performed between 1999 and 2003. We were beyond disgusting and downright childish. With songs like "The Story of the Sadistik Seagull Fucker" and "I'd like to work with Sanitary Dispensers", FMC was truly some of the silliest and vile stuff I had the pleasure to write and perform.
FMC - Sadomasadistikwankore

running with scissors - rock2.jpg

After FMC I joined a band called Running With Scissors, featuring members from Damaged, Warpigs, Random Violence and Disgruntled Goat. The music was fast and rocky and full of catchy hooks. The vocals were a mix of melodic, screams and growls and we were very unique.  You can now download the EP "Rock" from iTunes.

Running With Scissors - Rock!