Help me raise funds to continue living in USA.

In June I was lucky enough to be flown out to USA. I'm currently staying in Minneapolis and am loving every second of the experience. I'm even going to be lucky enough to perform on 14th August at Club Underground with a whole bunch of friends for a benefit show. This will be my first show in the US. I was lucky enough to sing with Apocalypse Theatre in June in Chicago which was awesome. 

Sadly as I left Australia my medical benefits were cut and wont be reinstated until i come back home. My health has deteriorated not only due to the ITP which stops my blood from clotting. My immune system is completely fucked and I have bleeding on my brain which is causing memory loss and confusion. I have a GoFundMe page running and so far have raised over $500. Sadly as the money comes in I'm using it immediately to keep my webpage alive along with other subscriptions and general living expenses. Currently I have zero income and my bank account is in the red being charged fees everyday which I cannot afford.

If you can help in any way it would be so awesome. I hate asking for help as its not ever been my style. To be honest things are very bleak at this time. The link is below to help.

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Jade Starr live in USA



I'm currently living in America. My health has been declining rapidly and whilst I'm here I'm lucky enough to be able to perform live with a bunch of friends here in Minneapolis. Its actually a benefit gig to raise money for me to survive. I'll be performing songs from my new album "Non Conformist" along with many others. Expect the unexpected as this performance will be a clash of art, video and music. You can find more details in the shows section and at the facebook event link below.

August 14th Club Underground (The Spring Street Tavern)

Facebook Event Page

Past music available now on the site!

FMC - Sadomasadistikwankore1.jpg

That's right folks I've just added links to some of my previous bands albums on the merchandise page. FMC - Filthy Maggoty Cunt was my ridiculous comedy grindcore band that performed between 1999 and 2003. We were beyond disgusting and downright childish. With songs like "The Story of the Sadistik Seagull Fucker" and "I'd like to work with Sanitary Dispensers", FMC was truly some of the silliest and vile stuff I had the pleasure to write and perform.
FMC - Sadomasadistikwankore

running with scissors - rock2.jpg

After FMC I joined a band called Running With Scissors, featuring members from Damaged, Warpigs, Random Violence and Disgruntled Goat. The music was fast and rocky and full of catchy hooks. The vocals were a mix of melodic, screams and growls and we were very unique.  You can now download the EP "Rock" from iTunes.

Running With Scissors - Rock!