"Not many musicians have captured the emotional confusion that being transgendered brings but Jade Starr has worn the t-shirt and managed to write it down. Her lyrics are beautifully honest and bring tears to my eyes. On top of that she's gorgeous!"

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The New DreadCircus CD
Non Conformist


Finally the long awaited 4th studio album by Jade Starr is ready to be unleashed.
4 years in the making. Totally recorded on iOS devices (iPhone 6s and iPad mini 3)

Like Bjork meets Sepultura meets Counting Crows meets Mr Bungle.
Written, Performed and Produced by Jade Starr.

Track Listing.
1. Smashing Your Face In
2. Non Conformist
3.Missing You
4. It's Over
5. Pumping Blood
6. Express Yourself
7. Burn
8. Are You Looking At Me?
9. Pumping Blood (Rape Me Remix)
10. Do What Makes You Happy (Live)

Click HERE for samples.

2013-02-21 02.43.43.jpg

Jade Starr's DreadCircus
Gender Optimized Rock!

In a world controlled by FEAR of acceptance and LIES Labels are a quick reference to explain our individuality. Society have chosen the word "Transsexual" to define my misunderstood so called "condition" called existence. The only word I choose to be defined by is "ME". 

I'm a singer, guitarist, drag king, actor, producer, songwriter and artist. I'm honest, expressive, emotional and REAL. Music & Love drive my very being, be it experimental, death metal, jazz, rock, blues,  folk, dance or drum n bass If it has a pulse I'll listen to it and play it. I'm interested in self awareness, humor, witchcraft, love, sexuality, equality, real issues, self expression & truth. Scenes tend to offend me, I believe it is a form of separation from reality. 

The people who tend to flock to the safety of a scene are normally afraid to take responsibility for WHO they really are instead opting to take on the collective of others who live in FEAR. As an ever evolving person I tend to have strong opinions normally backed up with much life experience. I enjoy debate and love being proven wrong for without the sharing of knowledge evolution would stand still. Perfection is not REAL in my reality tunnel. It is yet another manmade creation that places unnecessary pressure on humanity to be something that is physically impossible. 

I feel great sorrow for bigoted, nasty, uneducated judgmental people and  find their FEARS oppressive and downright stupid. If this sounds like you save your breath. Your words will be treated with the contempt they truly deserve... SILENCE!